It’s Another Mad Monday at Monk’s

Starting today at 11:30 a.m. it is another Monk’s Mad Monday. This one will feature six beers from Allagash. Also happening today, is the beginning of sales for Monk’s beer dinner with Tomme Arthur of Lost Abbey Brewery. That dinner is set for Tuesday, March 20th.

Beers to be tapped, descriptions by Monk’s Cafe.

Allagash Black – Belgian-style stout made with 2 row barley, wheat, oats, roasted & chocolate malts. Jason adds some Belgian Candi sugar. Finishes with notes of chocolate & coffee. 7.5%abv.

Allagash Blonde – Belgian-style blonde ale made with pisner malt. & noble hops. light body with a clean finish. 7.1%abv.

Allagash Curieux– They age their excellent Tripel in Jim Beam barrels for 8 weeks. This intense beer is them dosed with a smidgen of freshly brewed Tripel to soften the palate. Notes of vanilla and bourbon from the barrel aging. 11%abv.

Allagash Interlude – This might be my favorite beer from this world-class brewery. This is basically a Saison that was aged in oak wine barrels (french merlot & shirah). The thing that puts this over the top is the brettanomyces yeast they add. The brett gives it a bit of fruit character and a hint of that must, barnyard quality that I love. 9.5%abv.

Allagash Thing 1 – Belgian-style Pale Ale was a collaboration with Todd & Jason of Beer Advocate. Pretty hoppy for the style, but it really is a quaffer. I like this beer.. . 5%abv.

Allagash Thing 2 – This was a very limited production. Allagash actually took a little of the Thing 1 wort runnings and returned it to the brew kettle. They added some Belgian dark candi sugar which totally changed the character of the beer, not to mention the alcohol level. 7%abv.

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