Rick’s Steaks Wants to Return to the Reading Terminal Market

Rick's Philly Steaks

Dan Gross is reporting that Rick Olivieri wants to bring Rick’s Steaks back to the Reading Terminal Market. Back in 2008 Olivieri and the Reading Terminal Market had a messy public breakup with the Market not offering the steak shop a new lease. Since then Olivieri opened Rick’s Steaks in the Bellevue and later moved the stand to Liberty Place. That location closed as of December 31st.

Reading Terminal Market General Manager Paul Steinke is willing to let “bygones be bygones.” We guess Olivieri is as well and would love to be back in a location with that much foot traffic.

Cheesesteaks aren’t a pressing concern at the market though as Spataro’s, By George and Carmen’s all fly the cheesesteak banner at the Market.

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