Greatest Hits and What You Missed:

Yes, we are in the depths of Philadelphia Restaurant Week, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t some other fascinating things happening. It’s just tough to remember what any of them are what with Restaurant Week going on…

Oh, yeah. There were some tacos. Some questions about smoked turkey and marshmallows. Some little site called Eater came to town. And then there was news of the weirdest Chinese-German fusion restaurant I’ve ever heard of coming to town–from Tsingtau. And that was just a start. Here are some other things you might’ve missed while you were trying to pull $35 in spare change out of your couch cushions for just one more meal at Percy Street BBQ:

Breakfast at Honest Tom’s There’s not much that can get us out of bed before noon these days, but these tacos can
Hunters Night at Brauhaus Schmitz Featuring Jenn Carroll, Jeff Michaud, Peter Woolsey and some very, very worried game animals
Smoked Turkey and Marshmallows at Square Peg? Worst. Ice cream flavor. EVER.
Birra Adds Brunch A pound of scrambled eggs, lox and bagel chunks served in a waffle bowl? Maybe not.
Little Baby’s Pizza Brain Two restaurants, two upcoming openings, one great name for a ska band
German-Chinese fusion for Old City The restaurant is called Bierstube and if the food is half as good as its history, it’ll be…well, half-awesome, I guess.
Stephen Starr Isn’t Done With Philly Yet Someone told me he left an old t-shirt here, so decided to come back and open two restaurants while he looked for it.
Top Chef Recap And then there were 5…viewers still watching this completely un-spectacular season