Adam Erace Praises Vedge

Adam Erace says Vedge is a great restaurant, not just a great vegan restaurant.

The larger focus at Vedge is vegetables, beautiful vegetables, from the humblest rutabaga to the fanciest radish. Find the former roasted and sliced thin as carpaccio, an earthy-sweet place mat for Dijon vinaigrette-dressed designer greens, pistachios and chewy farro. The latter appeared in a dish called, fittingly enough, “Fancy Radishes,” comprising no less than five heirloom firecrackers, some as dark as ink (Spanish black), others pink as punch (watermelon). Wrapped in nori, whittled into noodles, raw, roasted, even “half-roasted” and dusted in wasabi powder, this vivid, jewel-toned composition saw them all, arranged in a row and leaning against one another like cousins posing for a family picture.

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