Gordon Ramsay Coming to Town

Gordon Ramsay and his Kitchen Nightmares TV show is coming to town next week. He’ll be filming at East Passyunk’s Chiarella’s from November 8th to 11th and at West Philadelphia’s Zocalo from the 12th to the 15th.

What strikes us about these two choices are that they actually seem salvageable, unlike potato based restaurants by first-time restaurateurs. Chiarella’s has been on Passyunk since 1970. They have perseverance on their side and that block of Passyunk is as hot for restaurants as any in Philadelphia.

Zocalo has long frustrated us. It is an attractive corner spot on a clean block on Lancaster Avenue and there’s even a nice outdoor patio. If only someone could raise its food above mediocre. Maybe Gordon Ramsey and his spit and vinegar can have a lasting impact.

To see how nice looking Zocalo really is, check out Google’s Restaurant View. Google just rolled out this feature yesterday and Zocalo is the first local restaurant we’ve seen using it.

Google Restaurant View

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