Cook Sharpens Its Knives

For you pros (and seriously dedicated kitchen amateurs), Cook has a skills class scheduled for this weekend that is A) not yet full and B) perfect for those with an Angelina Jolie-level fascination for knives. Dig it:

Sun 10/23, 2pm Japanese Knife Sharpening with Kevin Yanaga of Zama

This class – which is a favorite among professional chefs – will introduce students to Japanese knives and Japanese-style western knives. Chef Yanaga, sushi chef and sous chef at ZAMA who hails from Kawasaki, Japan, will lead this hands-on class on how to sharpen Japanese knives using traditional sharpening stones. The demonstration will also include how to fix chips on knives and other useful tips.

As always, you can register for the class here, and check out all the pertinent information on the Cook website.

Cook October Schedule [Official website]