U.S. Senate, Like Your Cool Uncle, Says It’s Totally Okay For Kids To Eat French Fries Every Day

Okay, so they can’t seem to get anything else done, but the minute an Obama-endorsed proposal to limit the amount of times in a week school cafeterias can serve french fries comes to the floor, nothing can stop the Senate from voting that sum’bitch down.

It was a voice vote accepting an amendment by Republican senator Susan Collins that killed it. President Obama’s proposal was that schools only be allowed to serve french fries twice a week. The amendment says that Obama can go screw and that no limits put on the serving of potatoes shall be allowed at any time by anybody.

For a full blow-by-blow of yesterday’s exciting potato action, check out the Washington Post‘s version of events right here.

But wait, there’s more…

Because inciting the Obama-bashers and French Fry Defense League militia isn’t enough for us, dig this: While the American senate was busy standing up for fat schoolchildren and oppressed Midwestern potato farmers, the French government was putting rules in place banning ketchup in French school cafeterias. The new rules? They can only serve it on french fry day and only once a week.

“The new rules also stipulate the increase of vegetable dishes on the menu and the decrease of the content of fat in the food,” according to the EU Times–a deliberately progressive, smart, healthy and reasonable proposal that would obviously never fly here. Mostly because, as every senator knows, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will shank a bitch if they get between him and the curly fries at the Senate canteen

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