Help! I’m Going to the Flower Show!

So, you’re going to the Philadelphia Flower Show. Even if you don’t know the difference between a lily and a lilac, you’re going to have to eat, right? Whatever your situation — visiting ‘rents, picky eaters, issues with your manliness — we’ve got a suggestion for you.

We wanna be total ballers on our day at the Flower Show. To make it a day to remember, where should we eat?

Get yourself a reservation to Morimoto. The special eight-course omakase is inspired by the Flower Show’s Spring Time in Paris theme. $80 gets you dishes with flowers, herbs, colorful spring ingredients and a touch of French flare.

Looking at all those flowers sure makes me hungry. Hungry for flowers. Got any suggestions?

City Food Tour’s Flower Show Food Tour is right for you. You’ll sample exotic teas blended with jasmine, violets and chrysanthemums, eat lavender-dusted goat cheese and blue cheese served with wildflower honey and finish up with orange blossom and rose-infused chocolates.

I’m meeting my parents, aunt, uncle and cousins at Market East Station. After a torturous walk around the show I’ve been charged with choosing a dinner acceptable to my Warminster-based relatives who hate everything. Help me, Foobooz!

Everyone loves Vietnam. The Chinatown restaurant deals gracefully with large groups, has a huge menu with something for even the pickiest eaters, and for you there is the Scorpion Bowl.

I’m riding this whole Paris-in-the-Spring vibe. Where should I go for a French dinner after?

Caribou Cafe and Zinc Bistro a Vins are easy walks from the Convention Center. A short cab ride will get you to Bistrot La Minette, where your ticket stub is good for 15% off.

I’m an adventurous eater, what’s a good place in Chinatown for me to try?

If you’re okay with a hole-in-the wall, we recommend the soup dumplings at Dim Sum Garden. For somewhere more sit-down, we’ve been hearing good things about Red Kings.

I come to Center City twice a year. On New Year’s Day I go to Mummers Parade and then McGillins. What should I do after the flower show?

You should go to McGillins! Philadelphia’s oldest bar is going French with cocktails (French Martini, Fleur de lis), flowery with beers (Ithaca Flower Power, PBC Fleur de Lehigh) and Provençal with food (French Onion Soup, Beef Bourguignon and Pizza Provençal).

I am a Manly Man. So Manly that I’m not going to the show. Where can I be a Man while I wait for my wife and mother-in-law?

Kill the time at Fergie’s. Enjoy a fine pint of Sly Fox Chester County Bitter while you chow down on brisket from the new barbecue menu. These are Manly endeavors for Men. [Ed: and Women who don’t care about the Flower Show]