Line of the Week: Business of Restaurant Week

We’ve seen scads of Restaurant Week comments over the past two weeks. One of the most illuminating may have been Cleevus who looks at Restaurant Week caustically. We’re happy that Cleevus seems to be in a minority as our comments featured plenty of positive dining experiences, but it is an interesting perspective nonetheless.

As a long time participant (from the beginning) of restaurant week, i can assure you that the people who read foobooz represent about 5% of RW goers. the rest of them are deal seekers who have no other agenda. from water to check it’s a 45 minute experience for a duece. we tried to be positive in the beginning, but after the complaints about portion size, temperature, etc, and realizing through open table that less than 1% of RW goers ever came back, we made a decision to maximize its financial opportunities. And we do to this day. it’s a risk, but our business is as strong as ever, and our regulars know to stay home or brave the throngs. – Cleevus