Year in Review: January


Arrow de Pato at Koo Zee Doo David M Warren |


Dish of the Month

Rabbit Stew at Koo Zee Doo
The rabbit is also local, and stewed “hunter-style” to such a vivid savor, I can still smell the puff of steam that escaped when the crock’s lid was lifted tableside. It smelled of bay and wine-steeped smoked bacon. And the sublimely tender meat inside tangled with earthy twists of black trumpet mushrooms, snappy green favas, and crunchy brussels sprouts. – Craig LaBan, Philadelphia Inquirer

Quote of the Month

“’50s-dull Chinese American fare.” Craig LaBan on Chew Man Chu

Notable Openings

Amis, Paesano’s, R2L, Zavino

Notable Closings

Pink Rose Pastry Shop, Vino