Around the Web: Watkins Drinkery

There’s no doubt that Watkins Drinkery is different from Jonathan Klein’s other bar, the Dive.  There’s a beer engine, wild game and maybe most obviously, no smoking.

Philly Phoodie welcomes Watkins Drinkery to the neighborhood and especially enjoys the fish and chips. [Philly Phoodie]

The Beer Lass goes for the “ultimate bar food,” the Scotch egg when she checks out Watkins Drinkery. [Beer Lass]

“It is a definite change from The Dive. Not only is Jon visible from the absent cloud of smoke, but the bar has a different/more grown up feeling of comfort. The biggest difference of all – trade in that can of Schlitz and Hot Pocket for a hand pumped beer engine of  local PBC, and duck prosciutto with buffalo mozzarella.  — Kristyn F

No one can quite discern the ingredient that makes Watkin’s fry-dipping sauce so addictive.  Is it dill? Could it be chipotle?  Yelpers aren’t sure, but they know they like it, as the potatoes have emerged as an early favorite menu item.  Alligator “lollipops” glazed with mango coulis fare less well:
“I must say this was truly awful.” — David H
“My God- this dish was simply disgusting. Inedible even.” — Adam L

Fear not, though – there’s dessert to be had:

“Hit up the Drinkery soon for the pumpkin funnel cake.  I asked how long it would last, because when I tell you it was good…. words cannot express. If the funnel cake isn’t there anymore, wipe your tears away and order the new dessert.  Odds are it’s bangin’.” — Laura K

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