Quick Bites

Le Virtu has a new executive chef, Joseph Cicala hails from suburban Washington DC, likes hockey and even played a couple of pro games. That makes him alright to us. Check out this video for more on his background and cooking. [YouTube]

Michael Klein recaps all the restaurant openings for Fall. Most notable is that Chris Painter’s Il Pittore may not go into the former Ansill space. [The Insider]

Meal Ticket has some teases on what to expect on the “Iza-Khyber” menu of Todd Dae Kulper. [Meal Ticket]

A.D. Amorosi explains why Garces Trading Co. is getting a liquor license and now offering reservations. In a word, convenience. [Meal Ticket]

Green Aisle Grocery has launched its mini-store within Bodhi Coffee. [Green Aisle Grocery]