Loving the Love Burger

Straight forward burgers, crab rolls and Bassets milk shakers are done well at Frog Burger but there is one item on the menu by which Steve Poses’ burger stand will be measured.

he Love Burger, a sandwich that should be on the American Heart Association’s version of the FBI’s Most Wanted list, or at least in an entry on the blog This Is Why You’re Fat. Its 5-ounce patty would seem moderate if it weren’t dwarfed by the two grilled-cheese sandwiches that serve as buns.

The first bite is a bit like how I imagine the stages of death: You fight off your fear, give in, then are likely to find yourself won over by its warm, comforting embrace. And while the four distinct layers of texture may be odd at first—a palindrome of butter-crisp toast, molten American cheese, inner sandwich slightly soggy from the meat’s juices and bacon-emboldened Russian dressing, and the animal chew of beef—it ultimately won me over with sheer force of personality and fatty exuberance.

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