World Wide Burgers

Photo via Philadining

Since Steve Poses has opened his Frog Burger stand in front of the Franklin Institute he’s gotten his fair of electronic ink, both positive and negative. Here are some of the highlights:

Grilled to a perfect center-pink medium — was juicy and flavorful, the kind of burger that soaks the bun (in this case, the grilled cheese) in meaty, drippy goodness. The burgers are so juicy that the Frog Burger offers bibs to customers.”

- Restaurant Club

Perhaps the most exciting part about this stand is that they sell slices of their famous carrot cake, as well as the appropriately-named Killer Cake, which is one of the original, and best, chocolate-overload desserts.  They’ll also mix either of those cakes into a milkshake

- Philadining

Seemingly, we now live in an era of throwing ideas at the wall and using the power of prayer–or the more secular, buzz–to make them stick.

Fidel Gastro

The LOVE Burger has already stolen my heart, and I expect to eat more than a few this summer.  (With a buddy, though — it is 3 sandwiches in one, people.)

The Secret is Salt

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