News for People Who Like Bad News

A crack has been discovered in the pizza oven at Pizzeria Stella. The restaurant will be closed while repairs are made. The web site says there will be no pizza slinging till Thursday. [The Insider]

Grub Street posts the opening to closing ratios for restaurants in Philadelphia, Boston, New York and Washington DC and it turns out Philadelphia has the lowest open to close ratio. In Philadelphia 1.7 restaurants opened to every closure but that pales in comparison to New York’s 3.4 openings to closings ratio or even Washington DC’s 2.6 openings rate. [Grub Street]

Pink Rose Pastry Shop has closed at the corner of 4th and Bainbridge. The business had been at the corner since 1985. [The Insider]

Jenny Cross shows she cannot cook in Worst Cooks in America. [Food Network]