Year End Round Up Round Up hands out the hardware for its 2009 Phoodie awards . []

Adam Erace penned his top 10 dishes for 2009 for yesterday’s Philadelphia Weekly. He lists his runners-up online. [Blogalicious]

Jack Curtin of Liquid Diet praises the year that was in local beer. [Liquid Diet]

The Burger Baroness lists  her favorite burgers of 2009. [FWTS]

Fidel Gastro rattles off the ten best things he ate all year, including his favorite burger. Gastro also lists theworst sh*t he ate all year, some awful things in there. [Fidel Gastro]

Thrillist lists its “headlights” of the year in food and drink. Grownup milkshakes, brats and French food did all make for a pretty great year. [Thrillist]

The secret is salt is just about 12 months old and looks back at the site’s most popular posts and her favorites as well. Hey look, Foobooz’s Burger Cruise is number one.  [The Secret is Salt]