Where to Drink Tonight: The London Grill


Get yourself to Fairmount’s London Grill tonight at 6 p.m. if you want to be one of the first people in Philadelphia to taste Life & Limb, a new beer that results from a collaboration between Delaware’s beloved Dogfish Head Brewery and Sierra Nevada, a true legend in the craft brewing world. (Interesting trivia: the London was one of the first bars in the city to have a Sierra tap, which they’ve had now for 20 years.)

There are only five sixtels (one sixtel = one-third keg) of the stuff in the city right now, and this is the first one to get tapped. Oh, and I should mention that it’s 10 percent ABV (as in twice as strong as the beer you probably drink on a regular basis), so you might want to cushion the blow with an order or two (or three) of the London’s fantastic meatballs (tonight they have veal, chicken, and venison in cherry sauce), which are $3 per plate during happy hour.

2301 Fairmount Avenue, 215-978-4545; londongrill.com.