Hot Toddy Guide


There’s no better excuse to come in from the cold than warming winter cocktails. And, thanks to our clever area barkeeps, these seasonal drinks are as innovative as they are delish.

The Hot Papi at Savona
Savona’s bartender, Pablo “Papi” Hurtado, has his own take on the hot toddy. It starts with scotch, Domaine de Canton (a French ginger-flavored liqueur), fresh lemon juice and agave syrup, and is topped with hot water and ground nutmeg. $10

Cidre de Pomme at Parc
Parc once again proves that the French do it better. Here, apple cider benefits from the addition of calvados, a body-warming French apple brandy. $9

Hot Chocolate at Silk City
Don’t be fooled by Silk City’s seemingly innocuous hot chocolate. This drink is for adults only — the chocolate is spiked with Baileys and Patron XO Cafe, and those house-made marshmallows are spiked with bourbon. $7

The Golden Scarab at Chick’s Café
To Chick’s house-spiced rum add honey, lemon, and hot tea for the unofficial cure for the winter doldrums. $8

Irish coffees at White Dog Café
White Dog’s Dog Bite – freshly brewed coffee mixed with Baileys and Jameson and topped, of course, with whipped cream — can take the chill out of even the coldest winter evenings. Or for something a little softer, try the French Poodle — coffee spiked with Grand Marnier and topped with whipped cream. Both $10

[Insert Name Here] at 700
700 bartender Anders Larson is still searching for a name for this tequila-based drink. Coffee is spiked with silver tequila, coffee and chocolate liquors, then seasoned with nutmeg and black pepper. Bloodline and Hickey are two of the customer-suggested names floating around. Any ideas? $6.50

Mocha Affogato at Avril
Chef Christian Gatti’s version of this traditional Italian espresso-and-ice-cream drink is part coffee, part hot chocolate, and all dessert. Gatti starts by steeping espresso beans and a cinnamon stick in heavy cream, whisks in semi-sweet chocolate, Scotch Whiskey, and Kahlua, then finishes the whole thing with a spoonful of chocolate chunk ice cream. $7

Hot Toddy at Le Bar Lyonnais
Downstairs at Le Bec, winter relief comes by way of this sophisticated hot toddy: Earl Grey tea, Basil Hayden’s bourbon, house-made vanilla syrup and an orange twist. $14