Restaurant Week Basics

Center City Restaurant Week

There has been some grumbling in the comments recently regarding Restaurant Week. The question was raised if there was any value and unsaid, how do you find it.

Admittedly we used to snobbishly look down on Restaurant Week. We lived in the city, we didn’t need a special week to go to these restaurants. But having started Foobooz we felt obliged to try places out during Restaurant Week. We’ve seen the best and the worst. Zahav blew our doors off in the Spring. 6+ options for each course. Extra courses. You were really getting the best of the restaurant.

It is with that idea in mind that we built this year’s Guide to Restaurant Week. Go ahead and check off what matters to you. Not looking for chicken or salmon, click Quality Choices. Check Extra Courses if you are worried about getting value. Want to have at least six main course options? Click Lots of Menu Choices. Click Go and see who is going the extra mile for Restaurant Week. Some restaurants you would expect will be returned and certainly others that will surprise you. And isn’t that half the fun of Restaurant Week? Try something new. Sure it’s the unknown. But with our Guide to Restaurant Week it’s at least an informed gamble.

Restaurant Week Guide [f8b8z]