Paesano’s Named Best Hoagie

Every year 610 WIP’s Glen Macnow goes on a great journey to find the best of a popular food in the Delaware Valley. This year he tried 60 hoagies enroute to picking his favorite, Paesano’s.

New “six-stool, mostly takeout eatery” that just opened after Thanksgiving. “Delectable mix of mortadella, prosciutto and ham … perfect amount of sharp provolone … a dark green lettuce … on a crispy seeded roll,” Macnow writes. “Folks, we have ourselves a winner.”

The complete top ten:

  1. Peasano’s
  2. Sarcone’s Deli
  3. Salumeria
  4. Pastificio
  5. Shank’s & Evelyn’s
  6. Carlino’s Market
  7. Pallante’s
  8. Primo Hoagies
  9. Carmen’s Deli
  10. Abbruzzi and Giuntas

Macnow will let the public have their say on Saturday, June 13th at the King of Prussia Fox & Hound. Eight or so of the hoagies will be available for free from 11am to 1pm.

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