The Best Schools Are Beer Schools

beer_schoolThe Wine School of Philadelphia has unveiled The Beer School. The companion institution of hoppy learning will be headed up by the Philadelphia Brewing Co.’s Dean Browne.

The initial classes are, The Origins of Flavor in Beer and Barley Amongst the Vines – The unique beers of famous wine regions. Classes begin in March and are $37.99 each.

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The Beer School, Headed up by Philly‘s Dean Browne


The Corked & Forked Wine School Kitchen

The Beer School is opening and Philadelphia Brewing Company’s Dean Browne is heading up the joint. The acclaimed “Pastor of Fermentation” has taught several beer classes for the school, and is thrilled to begin this joint venture. “Philadelphia is very much a beer town and I feel privileged to have been a part of the brewing scene these many years.”

With more than twenty years of brewing experience, Browne is a more than capable maestro of beer, but in the end, it’s his unwavering belief – shared by Wine School staff – that people should try new things and follow their own taste to enhance their enjoyment of beer, wine, and food alike.

Just like its sister counterpart – The Wine SchoolBeer School classes will cover a range of topics: Beer 101, Beer Brewing, Beer & Food Pairing, Ultimate Beer Tastings, and Beer & Cooking Classes.

And be sure to join our “Best of Philly 2008″ crew for exceptional food and wine pairing classes as founder and former chef Keith Wallace has realized a dream come true with the unveiling of The Corked & Forked Wine School Kitchen.

For years I’ve been wanting to turn classroom 201 into a test kitchen so I could hold my very own cooking and wine pairing classes. With 2008 being such a successful year for the school, that dream is finally realized. I can’t wait to get into the kitchen with my knowledgeable sidekicks (senior instructors at the school) and have a good time cooking up some food, stirring up some palates, and teaching people a surprising thing or two about foods and wines.”

The Corked & Forked Wine School Kitchen premieres to a sold-out class. No worries, as Wallace foresees these classes fast becoming as popular as the hailed Sommelier Smackdowns. “The ideas just keep getting better and better. And that’s what I love about wine and my school: There are so many adventures one can have while learning about it. And it’s always a very good time.”

To set up a time to speak to either Keith Wallace or Dean Browne, please contact Beth Case at 800-817-7351, ext. 33, email

To learn more about The Wine School and its classes, visit

To learn more about The Beer School and its classes, visit

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