Hot Or Not?

Adam Erace heads out in search of truly good Thai food in Philadelphia, is Thai Chef & Noodle Fusion what he’s looking for?

Is this curry aquarium the Promised Land devotees have been purporting it to be? The cure to our burning hunger for authentic, amazing Thai food? Thai Chef, when we ask you to ignite our meal with the fire of a thousand suns, will you bow to our wishes no matter how white our faces?

The answer, fleshed out of over the course of my meal, was yes—and no. Thai Chef, you are the wishy-washy object of my affection, stringing me along with fresh, greaseless spring rolls, then letting me down with a clump of mee krob (fried rice noodles) with the taste and texture of a Rice Krispie Treat.

Desperately Seeking Spicy [Philadelphia Weekly]