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Liberties Walk expert Foodaphilia checks out El Camino Real. Buttermilk onion rings and crazy spicy jalapeno poppers are among the highlights. [Foodaphilia]

Fries with that Shake also visit El Camino Real. It’s the mac n’ cheese that has her singing though. [Fries with that Shake]

Not to be left out, the Beer Lass has a photographic post of yummies from El Camino. [Beer Lass]

There is a problem with Local 44, it isn’t local to everyone. [Femme Fermental]

Living on the Vedge recommends the oyster mushroom po’boy at Local 44. [Living on the Vedge]

Friday night was Italian wines with tricky names at Tria and some delicious looking photos of truffled egg toast, bruchetta and white bean dip. [Veggicurious]

With highs in the mid-twenties later this week, see if warming up by the fire at Devil’s Den is worth your while. [Foodzings]