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Don’t read CE Phood’s roundup of dinner at Apamate on an empty stomach. Candied sausage, oxtail, cheese and pepper on a plantain, Iberico ham thinly shaved & sweetened figs. It goes on and on. Luckily we’ve got Spanish wine in the rack. [CE Phood]

Phoodie gives out its 2008 awards in categories like person and restaurant of the year as well as the biggest disappointment. []

If Kitchenplay and a commenter are to be believed, you should “never judge a ghetto ass thai place’s food by the writing on the wall.” According to them, Plan-Eat-Thai at 1516 Tasker is serving up promising sounding Thai food behind a bullet proof window. [kitchenplay]

It’s good to hear good things about the latest items coming out of the kitchen at South Philadelphia Taproom. [CE Phood]

Veggicurious gives Local 44 the vegetarian once over. Mushroom ‘Po Boy, a dish even a carnivore get behind. [Veggicurious]

Vegging out at a Butcher & Singer seems a little crazy to us but hey, that’s Living On the Vedge. [Living On the Vedge]