Restaurant Yenta: Starr Struck Again?

Well, Stephen Starr, you certainly are keeping our rumor-mongering restaurant yenta crew busy these days. First with the takeover of the Broad Street Diner and its potential Greek-ness and now we hear that you may have purchased the Letto Deli in the Midtown Gayborhood.

Readers may be familiar with the spot at 208 S. 13th Street between Walnut and Locust Streets – it’s basically half a block from Woody’s and about two blocks from another SRO spot, El Vez.

So what do you think Starr should do with the place, assuming this is true? Will he revive the gastropub idea he killed on Chestnut? A third Continental? The first official Starr Gay Bar? What does 13th Street not have that it needs?

Please do tell us your thoughts.