A Greek Broad Street Diner?

It’s been awhile since I last visited the inside of Stephen Starr’s head. I mean, we’ve both been really, really busy and venturing inside of someone’s cranium and poking around is not as easy as it sounds.

But for you, dear readers, I got up to my elbows in StarrThink and probed. And what I came up with is this: a possible answer to the burning question of just what exactly our sly, secretive impresario has planned for the Broad Street Diner.

We hear it may go Greek. File that under rumor-floating and read on.

Could it really be Greek? Low-key, fun-for-the-masses-Greek? Is it a play on the classic Greek diner? Is he inspired by Dmitri’s? I’m still searching for the answers within, but a Starrling says it may be called Ya-Ya’s – the Greek term for grandmother – which is sweet, but… eh. But the Greek concept, that’s clever. No one else is doing it, especially in South Philly, and that’s what we expect from Starr – that he’s one step ahead of us. He knows what we want before we’ve even realized it ourselves. Maybe I’ve got it all wrong. Maybe HE’S INSIDE OF ALL OF OUR HEADS?

Of course, A.D. Amorosi swears it’s going to be ‘designer Mexican‘ and the voices in the KleInsider’s head are whispering to him that the location has ‘environmental issues’ and may not even happen at all, so who knows? Starr has been known to float a bunch of concepts before deciding on one. Everyone could be right. And then again, none of us could be right either.