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We’re all about gilding recently. Friday it was in reference to the Pub & Kitchen’s Lobster BLT with truffle mayo and today it’s about gilding a pair of mirrors for Alison two. [Alison’s New Restaurant]

Living On The Vedge makes it over to get some takeout from Minar Palace and found the tastes of the paneer and paratha flattered each other. But for now loyalties remain with Girard Avenue’s Ekta. [Living On The Vedge]

Mac & Cheese hadn’t been to a Jose Garces restaurant until the weekend when she tried out Distrito. Unsurprising to the the Jose fan club, she found it “wonderful.” [Mac & Cheese]

Philly Food and Drink enjoys the “lovely and tasty” sushi at Old City’s Zento. [Philly Food and Drink] snags an interview with Jose Garces regarding his new cook book, Latin Evolution. []

Brunch for ten? Jones fits the bill for Mac & Cheese. [Mac & Cheese]

The Clog has tasting notes from a Russian River tasting at Monk’s Cafe. [The Clog]