Mojito Olympics Round Up

Mojito Olympics Winners at the Rum Bar
A few months ago I was asked if I would like to judge the Mojito Olympics at the Rum Bar. I of course jumped at the chance and it didn’t dawn on me that it could be anything but a great time until Rum Bar owner Adam Kanter handed me a sizeable stack of judging forms. There were five contestants representing Chick’s Cafe, G Lounge, Pinocchio’s in Media, Rum Bar and Valanni. With three events that meant sampling 15 mojitos. My lunch of a soft pretzel seemed woefully inadequate at this point.

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I was joined by judges, Chef of Lacroix, Matthew Levin, and WMMR’s Caseyboy. Levin brought wasabi peas which he had heard cut the effects of alcohol.

The event was sold out but that didn’t stop people from trying to get in, even offering double the $8 admission to enter. And the crowd was in to it, several even had homemade signs urging on their favorite bartender.

The first contest was fastest muddle and as the crowd chanted “muddle, muddle” Tony from G Lounge raced along completing 10 mojitos in just over 3 minutes. It seemed like a number that was going to be tough to beat but Vena from the Rum Bar, used her home bar advantage and two rum bottles to eclipse Tony and receive the first Gold Medal of the competition.

Fastest Muddle:
Vena (Rum Bar) -Gold
Tony (G Lounge) -Silver
Barbara (Valanni) -Bronze

By the time the second round began it was obvious that sipping was going to replace sampling and pawning off the drinks on an appreciative crowd was going to be a necessity if even a modicum of sobriety was going to be maintained through the third round. There was still some room for individuality in this round, Barbara’s rock sugar stirrers sealed first place for her.

Barbara (Valanni) -Gold
Vena (Rum Bar) -Silver
Bill (Pinocchio’s -Bronze

The third round was highly anticipated as each contestant got to flaunt their stuff. By now the judges had devoured the wasabi peas, maybe it helped. Barbara from Valanni concocted a dessert ready mojito complete with champagne, raspberry vodka and a chocolate rimmed glass garnished with a large strawberry that was good enough for Bronze. Vena from the Rum Bar’s mojito just screamed refreshment as it was accented with watermelon, cucumber and basil. But Tony from the G Lounge took home the gold with his pineapple ginger infused mojito. It was original, pleasing to the eye and of course delicious.

Best in Show:
Tony (G Lounge) -Gold
Vena (Rum Bar) -Silver
Barbara (Valanni) -Bronze

Congrats to all the contestants and to the Rum Bar for running a great Mojito Olympics.