Morning News Not From Belgium

Half of Foobooz is in Belgium right now. Not the half who is typing this with lambic-scented tears of jealousy streaming down her face. That’s really all you need to know. Also, if there is suddenly a shortage of Belgian beer available for export, you’ll know why.

Chicago overturns their foie gras ban. Haven’t heard much about the proposed Philly foie ban in a while – not since there was word of a mysterious investigation surrounding the ban’s proponent councilman Jack Kelly. [Diner’s Journal]

Are you a conscious carnivore? Have you bought ‘happy chicken’ lately? [Inquirer]

Everybody in Virginia is packing heat during dinner. Could this happen in Philly? Does it already? Is there even a Fuddrucker’s here? [AP]

Food prices are up again, but you knew that. [Inquirer]