Further Speculations on Starr

Tucked into a Sightings paragraph in Page Six, the NY Post’s gossip column:

KEN Friedman of Spotted Pig, David Chang of Momofuku and Taavo Somer of Freemans, dining with Stephen Starr at his hot spot Buddakan

Restaurateurs of that caliber don’t dine out for fun, they dine out for business. We know that Taavo Somer is designing Starr’s gastropub/cocktails spot in the former Angelina space. Might we surmise that David Chang is maybe somehow involved in the food? Chang, in case you don’t keep up on these things, is the new hotness in New York with his Momofuku restaurants.

As for the Spotted Pig, New York can keep it. We already have the Standard Tap.

Page Six [New York Post]
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