Early Look At The Ugly American

Ugly American
The Daily News takes an early look at the Ugly American and urges the restaurant chill out on some of its dishes.

The restaurant is in its infancy and I really liked much of the experience, but there needs to be some restraint in the dishes. Too much is going on in over-the-top combinations. One of my tasters described it as going back to the period when American chefs started adding ingredients and fusions just because all those flavors were there.

It led to what some called “confusion cuisine.”

So, while I love the fact that the bar menu has the classic Beef-on-Weck sandwich (Buffalo, N.Y.’s, answer to our cheesesteak) and that there are some delicious dishes to be had, there are – like American tourists – some real loud and boorish ones to be found.

Two Forks – Good, worth the trip

Ugly American could use a little restraint [Philadelphia Daily News]