Rounding Up the Releases

Straight from the publicists, shilled for your pleasure:

Buddakan is offering a $14 bento box lunch and will be opening at 4p.m. on Sundays, so your 90-year-old grandmother can also enjoy the Starr experience. Snore.

Jayson Grossberg, chef of Dirty Jerz’s much lauded Alphabet Soup, will now be the chef of 707. Michael Klein already wrote about this in his column, but apparently it merited a press release two weeks later to the rest of us.

There’s an “Executive Women’s Healthy Heart Tasting” at the Ritz-Carlton on January 24th to benefit the Sister to Sister Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness of women’s heart issues. Ellen Yin of Fork, Anne Coll of Susanna Foo, Christina Pirello of Christina Cooks and Delilah Winder of Delilah’s will prepare allegedly healthy dishes, plus there’s this with a frightening twist:

Guests will be invited to participate in a free heart-health screening. Heart-health checks measure a woman's total and HDL cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose and body mass index as well as provide anoverall risk assessment. Results will be given on-site, as well as advice on reducing their personal risks for heart disease, and guidance on adopting heart-healthy lifestyles.

Do you really want to know your cholesterol level while shoveling food in your mouth, no matter good for you? Also, we’re curious to see how Chef Winder will make her Oprah-approved mac-n-cheese heart healthy. To order tickets ($70/person) and more info, contact Jana Wilcox at 610.540.0184, ext. 18.

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