Extreme Beers, Extremely Local

In an article in the New York Times dining section today, two local brews are awarded the top two positions in an ‘extreme beer’ tasting:

Our favorite was the robust 90 Minute Imperial I.P.A. from Dogfish Head, a beer that balances its exaggerated caramel and chocolate sweetness with a bracing bitterness derived from hops. If you sneer at the 90 Minute, Dogfish also occasionally issues its 120 Minute I.P.A., which, at 20 percent alcohol, may well be, as the brewery contends, “the biggest I.P.A. ever brewed.”

Our No. 2 beer, the Weyerbacher Double Simcoe I.P.A., seemed to embody the term “killer,” the extreme beer fan’s favorite compliment. Killer hops, killer fruit, overwhelming yet bearable, even enjoyable, because it is so well balanced.

Aw, we’re so proud of our local brewers, extreme and otherwise.

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