A Bindi Tease

We were just tipped off that the list of restaurants participating in the Center City District’s Winter Restaurant Week have been posted. That is always interesting but making it even better is that Bindi is participating and has their menu listed already.

Check it out after the jump.

First Course
(choice of one)

gobni ka shorba
cauliflower and celery root soup, green apple-celery leaf salad, garam masala

murgh tikka kebob
spiced yogurt marinated chicken, green grape raita, tangerine peel pickle

papdi chaat*
“street style” chopped salad, green apple, satsuma, mango, crispy chickpea

Second Course
(choice of one)

galinha xacuti
goan-style chicken, aromatic coconut sauce, red chili, star anise

saag paneer*
fresh cheese, fragrant garlic-spinach sauce, local vegetables, ground cashew, fresh fenugreek

maacher jhol
bengali mahi mahi curry, chayote, charred tomato, mustard seed, green chili, cilantro

parsee braised lamb and dal stew, roasted pumpkin, eggplant, wilted amaranth

khatte baigan*
sinhi eggplant, sweet and sour tamarind sauce, potato, cauliflower

* vegetarian option

…served with basmati rice, gharki dal, raita and spinach roti

Third Course
(choice of one)

chai masala mousse
chai tea infused chocolate mousse, cinnamon whipped cream, almond crumble

basmati rice pudding, mango, green cardamom, toasted pistachios

indian spiced chocolate pot de crème
cinnamon, star anise, curry powder, red chili