Save The Date!

It looks like the Rick’s Steaks v. Reading Terminal Fireworks will drag on to summer time. The Court of Common Pleas has set the trial for June 2, 2008.

People frequently complain about how slow the wheels of justice turn.
Not Rick Olivieri.

Facing eviction from the space at the Reading Terminal Market that his Rick’s Original Philly Steaks has occupied for 25 years, Olivieri just got an extension – through next May – courtesy of Common Pleas Court.

Judge Mark Bernstein is not siding with Olivieri in his long-running dispute with management of the nonprofit Reading Terminal Market Corp. But when the judge set a firm trial date of June 2 at a case-management conference on Wednesday, he effectively preserved the status quo until then, barring a settlement.

Cheesesteak case gets trial date – in June [Philadelphia Inquirer]