Sabrina’s 2.0

Kirsten Henri checks out Sabrina’s Cafe & Spencer’s Too, the new sibling of the Italian Market classic.

The menu too is a riff on diner food, much of it the same as at the original. Describing in detail what we ate at Sabrina’s seems pointless. Each dish contains so many ingredients combined together in inexplicable ways (that really shouldn’t work as well as they do) served in such egregiously large portions that it seems improper to analyze.

This is food built strictly for comfort, meant for instant gratification, not for picking apart and considering its individual components. You’re not coming to Sabrina’s for delicate flavors or to challenge your oh-so-refined palate. You’re coming to shove great forkfuls of sugar, butter and cheese down your piehole until your eyes glaze over, your belly bulges and you drop off into a satisfied post-brunchial daze.

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