One Pizza, One Guy, One Wait

Kirsten Henri finally gives up her principle against ordering dough ahead and heads to Port Richmond and Tacconelli’s for pizza. She reserves three doughs and orders one regular, one white and one with sausage and sweet peppers.

Were they better than the average Philly pies? Yes. They had a thin, nicely blistered crust and a tomato sauce that erred on the sweet side. Were they as spectacular as the hype would lead you to believe? No. Are they one of the city’s better pies? Yes. Is it worth going through the whoop-de-do of reserving dough and then waiting another stretch for your pizza to show up? Yes, if only for the same reason it’s sometimes worth going through the whoop-de-do of waiting in an interminable line for a cheesesteak.

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Tacconelli’s [Official Site]
Photo by Johnny Goodtimes