Marc Vetri In The New York Times

Marc Vetri
Now we know what the New York Times’ food critic, Frank Bruni was doing in Philadelphia a few weeks back. He dined at Osteria and Vetri for a big piece in today’s New York Times about Marc Vetri. And although he found some flaws with Osteria Bruni was confident Vetri would iron those problems out.

There’s a lot the restaurants Osteria and Vetri don’t have in common. There’s one very lucky thing they do. Both are helmed by Marc Vetri, whose enormous talents have brought him a widespread, fervent regard he has never really exploited. And with the opening of Osteria in February, he has taken a huge step. He has bucked his obsessive, controlling nature and accepted what is apparently nearly every acclaimed contemporary chef’s fate: to multitask across multiple stages.

A Chef to the Few Heeds the Call of the Many [New York Times]