Friendly Lounge?

Has Esquire lost it? A year after they named Grey Lodge and Southwark as two of the best bars in America the magazine has a new list for 2007. And the lone Philadelphia contribution to the list is the Friendly Lodge at 8th and Washington.

Neighborhood bar, 1950s. Dirty and magical. From the outside, it looks vacant. But that’s the beauty. No burgers here. No mussels. No Abercrombie. No Fitch. Here’s what they have: ashtrays in front of every stool. Three-dollar Budweisers. Good jukebox. A clogged sink in the bathroom. And a cute salt-of the-earth bartender. Heaven.

Not to get too snobby, but come on, Buds and a clogged sink? We’ll be investigating this weekend.

Friendly Lounge [Yelp]