Rae Reviewed In Philadelphia Weekly

Kirsten Henri visits the lounge at Rae and although the menu items may sound ordinary (potato skins, burger, reuben), they are oh-so-fancy.

The open-faced reuben swaps housemade pastrami for the traditional corned beef, and is slathered in whole grain mustard, Russian dressing and a mild sauerkraut, and served over a rye English muffin, also made in house. I liked everything but the pastrami, which was a little bland.

The burger is mighty in size and flavorful, cushioned between a pillowy roll and topped with an impressive amount of cheddar cheese which, sadly, hadn’t been entirely melted. The accompanying french fries, bearing hearty traces of their skins, are respectable though very salty. A dainty pizza is cracker-thin and crispy, yet able to bear its substantial fungal load of truffle puree and truffled sottocenere cheese.

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