Philly Food Blog Round Up

What makes the crepes at Beau Monde so good? Imported cast-iron griddles! [blogalicious]

Konak delivers excellent humus, Sigara Borek and lamb chops but given the price, is it all worth it? [Foodaphilia]

With ingredients imported straight from Belgium Bonté waffles are a little piece of heaven. [Girls Guide to City Life]

Luscious dines at Alma de Cuba three times in five days, gas•tron•o•my details one trip. [gas•tron•o•my]

As if three trips to Alma weren’t enough, gas•tron•o•my tries Cuba Libre the next day. [gas•tron•o•my]

You are missing out if you haven’t tried the pan-fried scallops at Dmitri’s. [Metroblogging Philadelphia]

Phillyfoodguy Bill tries a Vietnamese hoagie at Café Cuong and leaves us craving our own. [Phillyfoodguys]