AOL City Guide City’s Best Announced

Well AOL City Guide has announced their City’s Best 2007 for Philadelphia. Remember when big city guides were all the rage. But the air kind of went out of the sails. Maybe it’s because of some of the uninspired choices that win. Like the original Chickie’s and Pete’s for best bar, we don’t think its even the best bar on the block. We’ll give that nod to the Grey Lodge. But anyway, some of the highlights are after the jump.

  • Best Beer – Nodding Head
  • Best Conversation Bar – Fergie’s Pub
  • Best Date Spot – Sazon
  • Best Wine Bar – Tria, Gayle and Ristorante Panorama
  • Best Brunch – Jake’s
  • Best Burger – Five Guys
  • Best Cheap Eats – Di Nic’s Oven Roasted Beef
  • Best Chinese – Imperial Inn
  • Best Mexican – Coyote Crossing
  • Best Outdoor Dining – Bridget Foy’s
  • Best Restaurant – Buddakan
  • Best Sandwich – Chickie’s Italian Deli
  • Best Steakhouse – Capital Grille
  • Best Thai – Tamarind
  • Best Vegetarian Friendly – Mama’s Vegetarian

City’s Best 2007 [AOL Cityguide]