Frog At The Yard

Frog At The Yard
A generation ago Steve Poses started a culinary revolution in Philadelphia with his Frog and Commissary restaurants. But he long ago left those behind to concentrate on his catering business. That’s why his Frog at the Yard has caught Philadelphia and even Poses by surprise.

This is Poses’ new baby, Frog at the Yard, and he is explaining why, against his instincts, surprising even himself, he has chosen at age 60 to suck it up one more time and go for a second act – to jump back into the restaurant business that, after a heady run with his Frog and Commissary in the ’70s and ’80s, left him beached and bruised, content to cater to a less-punishing roster of weddings and charity banquets and orchestra events.

We are in Shop 543 in the Navy Yard, which if you haven’t had the pleasure, has the formal aspect more of a leafy Ivy League campus than, well, what you’d expect from a mothballed, rust-belt, ex-war machine. Check it out; it’s wide open to the public.

Check out the Frog at the Yard web site for a coupon for free coffee or side virgin fries.

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