Philadelphia’s Best Roast Pork

Philadelphia Magazine breaks down the Holy Ghost of Philadelphia’s Holy Trinity of sandwiches, the roast pork sandwich. We’re not going to get into whether the cheesesteak or hoagie is the Father or the Son.

Philly Magazine defines the ideal Italian style roast pork sandwich and gets down to ranking Philadelphia’s best.

An Italian-style roast pork sandwich sounds simple enough: You lay provolone on an Italian roll and add well-seasoned pork. You sauté broccoli rabe or spinach with garlic until it’s soft, taking care to keep the green color bright. You spoon cooking juices over the meat. Done right, it’s some of the best eating money can buy for under $7.

The top ten after the jump.

  1. DiNic’s, Reading Terminal Market
  2. Angelina’s Italian Kitchen, Pottstown
  3. Soprano’s Deli & Catering, Broomall
  4. Tony Luke’s, South Philadelphia
  5. John’s Roast Pork, South Philadelphia
  6. Johnny’s Hots, Delaware Avenue
  7. Savino’s Sandwich Shop, Woodbury
  8. George’s Sandwich Shop, South Philadelphia
  9. Chickie’s Italian Deli, South Philadelphia
  10. Pat’s King of Steaks, South Philadelphia

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