Rocky Week

Rocky At Foot Of Art Museum
As you probably know it’s Rocky week. And as much as we may cringe at Philadelphians being portrayed as cheesesteak chomping, kite flying, pretzel biting, Art Museum steps running, wooder drinking, hoagie breath stinking, snowball tossing, krimpet stuffing, long suffering, underdogs all the time, we do like cheesesteaks, hoagies and pretzels. So as long as you’re going to be doing these stereotypical Philly food things, do it up right.


Get:It may say pork in the name but the steaks have turned John’s Roast Pork from a sleepy little spot to a star on Philadelphia’s culinary map. It’s worth fighting through the ongoing construction on Snyder Ave, but bring a friend, it’s a lot of steak for one person.
Avoid: Rick’s Steaks in the Reading Terminal. It’s kind of unbelievable that in the Mecca of food that is the Reading Terminal you can’t find a good cheesesteak.


Get: There are a lot of great hoagie spots in Philadelphia but for our money the best is Sarcone’s. It of course comes on Sarcone’s bread and the Italian hoagie with the slices of fresh mozzarella, well call us in love.
Avoid: Subway. When the original Subway closed on South Street many years ago, we looked at it as a personal triumph.


Get: Fisher’s Pretzels in the Reading Terminal are second to none. And don’t think about skipping the butter.
Avoid: Any street vendor who just licked hot sauce off his hand before grabbing a pretzel.

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