Craig LaBan heads to Exton, we pitty him, to try out Devi, vegetarian Indian in the exurbs. We break down the review so you can decide, is it worth the trek.

Across from Cheeseburgers in Paradise is a totally different dining experience. Devi brings “ultra-authentic regional cooking” to an Exton strip mall. The restaurant specializes in south Indian vegetarian cuisine.
Dosas are the signature dish of south Indian cooking, they are large crispy crepes made of lentils and ground rice. They come in a variety of ways, including, buttered cones, folded around spinach or wrapped around curried potatoes.
Also expect coconut flavor throughout the menu. And whether you hit Devi up for dinner or it’s bargain lunchtime buffet, expect the experience to beat the cheeseburger served across the parking lot.

2 Bells – Very Good

Craig LaBan: Devi