Churros at Apamate
We cut up the big reviews and serve them up in small bites making them an easy nibble.

Salud, Apamate
Apamate, the breakfast, lunch and early dinner café on the 1600 block of South Street brings a Spanish flair to a block marked as much by it’s construction as anything else. The “pimento and Seville orange-hued walls are welcoming, opening up on a garden patio.”

For breakfast, try the Tortilla Espanola or your own omelette creation. Wash it all down with Clementine juice. Yes, Clementine juice, you’ve loved the little fruit, now in convenient drink form.

Currently ham croquettes, and a daily pincho, slices of bread with toppings round out the day. La Catalana con Jamon de mi Edgar “Pa amb tomaquet” is another highlight, the“tomato and garlic rubbed baguette is covered with delicately folded Serrano ham and a drizzle of vibrant green olive oil.”

And for your sweet tooth you have to try the churros, deep fried doughy goodness topped with powdered sugar, and can be filled with cream and fruit, chocolate, dulce de leche or even Kobe’s favorite, Nutella.

Expect an expanded menu of dinner pinchos shortly and Saturday June 24, live flamenco.