Dashon Goldson ‘Open To Pretty Much Anywhere’

Dashon Goldson stated his desire to return to San Francisco in a recent interview with Sirius XM, but allowed that there “hasn’t been much talk” of a new deal with the Niners as of yet. Free agency is just six days away.

“Hopefully something picks up and if they [don’t], I will be interested in what other teams would have to say,” Goldson said, adding that he would be open to playing “pretty much anywhere.”

Several stars would have to align for him to end up in Philadelphia.

One factor is money. Goldson is reportedly seeking a contract worth $8 million a year. The Eagles have the cap room to make it happen (they have more than $33 million worth of space even before you factor Nnamdi Asomugha‘s numbers into the equation), it’s a matter of whether it is viewed as the most sound investment. There are a lot of pieces that need to be filled in, and a long-term plan that needs to be mapped out. Does it make sense to commit that kind of money to the 28-year-old Pro Bowler, or can you get better value elsewhere?

Whether it is Goldson or otherwise, it’s a safe bet that the Eagles will attack their safety need in free agency. Howie Roseman on Wednesday said there are more safeties with draftable grades in the upcoming NFL Draft than there have been in recent years. The problem is, there’s no way of guaranteeing that you will walk away with one.

“Where are they going to come off?” said Roseman. “You think that there is a strength and then there is a run and you look at your board and you go, ‘OK, I thought that was a strong position but I guess not.'”

Given that they can’t really afford to walk away empty-handed this offseason, chances are they will secure a safety in free agency so they don’t have to reach come April.

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