Chris Christie: Eagles Fans “Generally Angry, Awful People”

New Jersey’s governor has a strong opinion on Philly football fandom.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie co-hosted a sports talk radio program this morning, filling in for former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Boomer Esiason. I would say this seems odd, but I am a resident of the state in which the sitting governor routinely participated in an Eagles post-game panel show.

But I can criticize Christie’s choice of descriptors for Eagles fans. Speaking on WFAN’s Boomer And Carton Show, Christie said the Eagles have “sucked for a long time. And their fans are generally angry, awful people.”

There are so many possible responses to Christie, I couldn’t decide on just one.

  1. Right back at ya, pal.
  2. Yes, we are. Wanna fight about it?
  3. Gov. Christie, you are a Dallas Cowboys fan. To an Eagles fan, the Dallas Cowboys represent all that is evil and unholy about the world. You cannot expect to be a Cowboys fan and get excellent treatment at a Philadelphia Eagles game. Perhaps that is unfair, but you understand how the world works.
  4. Hey! I may be an angry, awful person, but don’t go around throwing slurs like “Eagles fan” at me.
  5. Yes, it takes an angry, awful person to know one.

In other Chris Christie news, he also said he was offered many jobs in the administration but none were good enough to get him to leave his family behind in New Jersey.

“He didn’t offer me a job that I thought was exciting enough for me to leave the governorship and my family,” Christie said. “Because Mary Pat made really clear she wasn’t coming to D.C.”

The good news is that Christie will still be around for easy heckling for New Jersey-based Eagles fans.