There Was a Bull Loose on I-95 Today

And now it’s dead.

a cow on I-95

The bull on I-95 around 2:15 today, as photographed by Colleen McCarthy.

Ryan Haigh was surprised when he hit traffic on Tuesday afternoon. The Holy Family men’s basketball assistant, in the car with head coach R.C. Kehoe, was heading north on 95 to campus. Then he saw something even more surprising, something he never expected to see on a highway in Philadelphia.

“We were sitting in traffic wondering what was with all this traffic — and I looked to the right and a cow just ran right by my car,” Haigh says. “We could not stop laughing … we were actually headed to a game and, when we saw the cow, said, ‘No one’s going to believe us.’”

Police say the bull got loose while being loaded into a slaughterhouse on Hancock Street in Kensington. It roamed there onto 95 and 676. It then headed toward Center City, but an officer with the Pennsylvania Game Commission shot it to death on 7th Street near Franklin Square. It’s not known for certain if it was a bull, a cow, a heifer or any of the other terms for cattle.

Cops say no one else was hurt but the bull. Obviously one of the first people to tweet about the bull on the highway was, of all people, locally-based professional wrestler Drew Gulak: “Just saw a cow run the opposite direction past my car down I-95. Good day.”

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